So i went on a hunt for the first time in years. The only reason I did was to pick up the stuff Im wearing here. I was messing about when a group notice popped up for BTTB – it was announcing their items for the upcoming Lovesick hunt. Yeah, I knew i had to do that, so i ran off to pick up the HUD and thats when i saw that FAKEICON was also doing the hunt. In all there were about 6 stores i really wanted to visit. I got some great things. If you get a chance you really ought to look into it. Most of the stores made it interesting without making it horrible and a few just made it really easy (which tbh, I prefer) At first hunting is fun, until you start getting a little queasy from camming all over the fucking place – then it gets old fast. By that point i just want to get the fucking thing over with lol but i made it through and the shit i didnt find – i didnt really want – so fuck em anyway 😛

body – maitreya

head – lelutka chloe

skin – [7DS] – ADVENTURE moles omega FACE&BODY coconut

hair – (analog dog) AD – em – light blondes – (tinted)

top – BTTB stick knit – holy heartache – MAITREYA – Lovesick hunt

pants – BTTB rutig pants – holy heartache – MAITREYA – lovesick hunt

socks – FAKEICON / basal socks / maitreya / valentine’s special – lovesick hunt

shoes – BTTB stacked sandal – walk/stop –  group gift – mainstore


accessory 2 – BTTB holy heartache earrings – silver – lovesick hunt

accessory 3 – :glutz: crude cookies / no (gacha item)

photo taken at  Farron





Ive been so excited to have access to my FULL inventory. Its crazy the things I have to do just to have access to certain things. Typically i have a mere fraction of my inventory available to me on firestorm. I touched on that in my previous entry [n.10]. Anyway, these are a couple of the things id lost and now are found. This outfit is from a ROMP event many months back and this hair … omg i didnt even know i had it – in all honesty I barely recall buying it. I dont normally wear flexy hair – like, ever. But for photos these flexy hairs can be awesome. This one in particular is extremely fine. I was actually rather impressed when i put it on tbh. The rest (lol im not wearing much so the boots and earrings) are new. Anyway … so this is my recent post to flickr and these are the items …

body – maitreya

head – lelutka chloe

skin glam affair chloe (for lelutka) tone #2

hair – Curly Sue – (marketplace)

outfit – Dirty Princess – bad at love (marketplace)

boots – MIWAS / Shinny Boots #White – Mait (specifics soon)

earrings – boys to the bone – Lovesick hunt -gold earrings- Holy Heartache set- key

background – D.U.S.T. – MOONing -Blue-photobox- 3D build –

pose – FOXCITY – Badgirl – poses 1 & 3

doux au toucher



handy hands

I have wanted to use this face tattoo from MooLoo forfreakingever!! Firestorm typically only allows me access to a mere fraction of my inventory and last night for some reason BAM 197,000 plus loaded – I have been putting things in alternate inventory sources for nearly a year now. First adding them to these cool boxes I got from The Black Forest – this super store on the MP created and owned by this dude named Arduenn Schwartzman. He makes the coolest shit and charges nothing for them. When I say the coolest shit, I mean it and hes a super mesher – everything he makes is quality – from swimming pools and umbrellas to playable games and these awesome boxes and just about everything is 10L – truly amazing! check it out – These boxes are wonderfully scripted to allow you to scroll through and access items without opening them – you can also retrieve items via the pop up window listing the contents – they’re really brilliant – but I digress … so I fill these up and I store them in these inventory ‘walls’ here – also scripted – but as well, sectioned off so you can compartmentalize the boxes. Everything is grouped – this is a big help in keeping items safe, especially where no copy gacha items are concerned. when firestorm takes those, I know theyre still there – but i cannot access them, the folders are empty – then once in a blue moon, for no explicable reason, everything appears – like it did last night – so im rushing to grab up and fill as many boxes as I can before it all disappears again -sigh- I tell you, its fucking exhausting!

Firestorm can lick me. I love it and I hate it … -shrugs- whatayagonnado?! I’ve just learned to adapt – but it makes dressing a pain in the ass when you have to go looking through boxes to access something. I just wish Firestorm would get this shit sorted out. I know this happens to others, I just havent come across anyone yet that has it as bad as this. If you are out there, I feel for you. You’re not alone ❤️

My point of aaaaaaaalll that lol was that I had access and it inspired me to use some items I hadnt seen in forever – like that headdress. Items Id wanted to use and couldn’t. like my katat0nik hands and that face tat and pair it with some cool stuff Id just picked up, like the collar! This is what I got – i included a cleaner shot at the bottom as well.

and thats … that!

body – maitreya – here

head – lelutka chloe – here

skin – glam affair Chloe – 001 – here or above @ lelutka

hands – *katat0nik* (sick girl1 / Maitreya) BENTO Prosthetic Hands – here

face makeup/tattoo – #8 MooLoo-Black Face Body Paint (Spookzilla hunt event prize)

sleeves – **Dirty Princess**Dragon Slayer Whore Princess Sleeves (prt of whole outfit set)

collar – Nana – Charity Collar Black – here

hat – kosmii :: Eve Headdress [black] – here

access – *AvaWay* RITA Pearl Necklace_Maitreya – here

backdrop – BUENO-Red Hall (gacha item) –

effects – aii – + Pulling into Darkness Aura +

Items in featured photo not seen above –

pants – [spectacledchic] LAZY DAY Stretchable Pants (Maitreya) – here

blood effect – 6 Sn@tch Sliced Tattoo (System & Omega) (Gore/Whore HUD event/hunt) –

below – clearer shot of items before photo effects 😉





So many things, never enough time! Finally got around to putting on some of the gacha things I picked up in the last month. This is where I suck at this and where I am no blogger in the traditional sense. I can’t even recall where I got this stuff lol – but if you see something you like – you’ll know who made it. Thats something, right? right?!

body – maitreya

head – vista Diana

hair – truthxL&B – Parker w/cap – essentials

skin – DeeTaleZ *Appliers* VISTA Head “Mandy” Eastern

clothing – jacket/hoody – AMITOMO – Snowing City GACHA – M – 6

clothing – skirt – AMITOMO – Snowing City GACHA – Maitreya – 14

clothing – panty – !MiH off white panty OMEGA

footwear – boots – DRD – Frankenstomps – Colors

footwear – stockings – REIGN.- SOCKS (MAITREYA)- FATPACK (from Candy boots pack)

standing pose – by STUN – Moccino -Katya 6

above photos taken at Nunox cyber city

photo below taken at the Slatanic sim


some days


flux sur mer 2

Today I thought i’d go to Flux Sur Mer. I really like it there. If Im not mistaken it is supposed to give the visitor the feel of a quaint European village.  Given the weird sort of psudo french, perhaps in France? who knows – either way its charming as hell and a great place to walk around and take a photo or three. As usual, I hadnt really intended on doing this today but I was going through some stuff Id picked up at the newest Epiphany round, trying things on and found myself running some errands, picked up some poses whilst shopping and Bob’s your uncle. I changed my glasses between photos, so Ill make a point of listing both.

body – maitreya – mainstore

bento head – LAQ Rina – mainstore

skin – LAQ Rina skin – tone 1.5 – mainstore

hair – [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Tilda HUD 1 – NEW location mainstore

glasses – 1st pics .::Nanika::.Felice Sunglasses Black/White

glasses – 2nd pic (below) OLQINU : vibes glasses <stay weird> (gacha – old)

top – `M.BIRDIE / moos look. Top7 Maitreya (gacha -Epiphany Jan) – Epiphany

bottom – `M.BIRDIE / moos look. Skirt1 Maitreya (gacha -Epiphany Jan) – Epiphany

stockings – Maitreya Slouch Stockings Black * Lara Feet-Flat (comes with all 3) mainstore

socks – Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Lara Flat * Black (comes with a 3 foot types) mainstore

boots – RKKN. Avalon Boots Black/Maitreya – mainstore

handbag – ~BK~ Siamese Kitty Leather Handbag *Gift* (old)

pup – Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Spike – Spot (gacha – old)

pup acc. – Project K_Dog Collar(Alchemy – Chi Chi) & Project K_holder(Alchemy) (MP)

poses – STUN w/pet hold pose /bag hold pose – so they kind of blended on their own

taken at – Flux Sur Mer


flux sur mer 1

ps – i got the magazines from the front desk at Fox City – they’re 2 sided and there are 2 versions!



I went to Seasons Story this evening and I found some cool shit. It’s going to take several tries to get it all out there and fuck knows I have boxes of stuff from months ago Ive still not even LOOKed at much less tried on … ugh why do i bother? well duh, Ive got a problem don’t i? lol shopping issues up the wazzoo – bleh, just shoot me!

body – maitreya +Vteck

head – Genus bento – baby face W001

skin – [700] Vanity gacha RARE (canaskin)(genus) – pale (SS)

make-up  – lipstick + blush – included in RARE skin pack above

hair – RAMA Cathy pale blond

eyes – AG. Striking Eyes Gacha – Genus – #6 (lootbox)

tattoo – tattoo [sugarjam x PHOPHO] Nth Color gacha. T01 (SS)

nails – (Enfer Sombre*) Maitreya Nail applier – Abyssal (yeah, Im never taking them off lol)

outfit – [sugarjam x PHOPHO] Nth Color gacha. A01 (SS)

accessories – ONDO heart button beret # 4 (SS) – FAKEICON / rain-g gacha / 6 rainbow led umbrella (mainstore)

pose – Ana poses

location – Nunox adult sim

mainstreen nunox


a1and done

i was just messin around. i got a bunch of neat little things and so after I tried a few on I just started snapping pics. This is pretty much untouched so everything is as it appears. Im in love with this cool pose/prop set by fakeicon (pretty upset with myself for missing the one at christmas). I went by the store on the off chance it was left out (yeah, no such luck) but I did notice a gacha I missed as well (how the hell did I do that? I was there during Christmas and didn’t notice any of it – I SO need to get a fucking clue lol) anyway, the good news I pulled the one sweater I was pretty sure Id die without AND the Jesus action figure which again … i could not live without after seeing it. Win freaking win baby! -woot-

body – maitreya

head – Lelutka Simone’

eyes – R – Gloom. – Prototype Set – Project#3  *  L – Gloom. – Prototype Set – Demon

tongue – ~*S.E.*~ Naughty Tongue Gacha – Punk Rock – (gacha item)

hair – [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Sanna VIP gift Jan2019

skin – DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLutka Heads “Face Kira” European

additions – CURELESS[+] Exorciser Wounds (v.1)

nails – (Enfer Sombre*) Maitreya Nail applier – Abyssal

sweater – FAKEICON / worst xmas gifts / 3. anti xmas sweater sin / mait (gacha item)

undies – !MiH basic black panty OMEGA

prop/pose – FAKEICON / pazar takeout box / white / female – FAKEICON / pazar takeout chopsticks / female

backdrop – NODe+ Tableau 02