Oh! Livia

Not a big blog today, just a quick shout out about the free head from CATWA Clip. Freya is unisex and it is available through the marketplace and various inworld stores – though NOT at the Catwa mainstore location – free until May 24th. The shape I am wearing is my own and I decided to make it available in my marketplace shop for 25L. The style card and a brow shape is included – but i am also listing it here. Nice to know exactly what it will take before putting out the money. I wasnt crazy about the head until I took this photo and I realized any head can be made gorgeous with the right skin and shape. I will be blogging the other free heads and bodies in the next few days. My computer has been acting up terribly though (of course, with the pandemic everything is going to shit .. right?) … so, here she is – Oh! Livia


✿ the stuff ✿

head – Catwa bento mesh head Freya – free till May 24th 2020 – here

shape – MiH Oh! Livia – 25L – here

skin – deetalez – CATWA Head “Face Snjezana” European (BOM & appliers)

eyes – -bus- APPLIER Amara Eyes **PACK B**. {Catwa -Genus -Omega}

hair – “”D!va”” Hair “Giz” (Type A)(Onyx)

hairbase – Just Magnetized – Natural Hairbase – set 03

plus add on – freckles (these are from pink fuel but any will do) and lips & lashes are from the Catwa HUD





!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!APRIL SHIT SHOWERS_main blog

Some pretty great things going on all things considered. The numbers of people signing on to second life have increased and so getting into events can be tricky and laggy as fuck. I meant to do NeoJapan but I needed to do something cheery – all pretty pastels n shit. So I spent 2 whole days at 6 hours a pop (thats 12 fucking hours camming ffs) at The Bunny Hop Hunt – its a lot of work but the stuff this year is really great. I think this hunt is one of the best no matter which holiday it represents and this one is no different. A few of the hunt keys were so good I was starting to panic a little lol i thought id never find all the things I wanted. But I did pretty good – and so here are a few of the things I found …


body – maitreya

head – genus classic

skin – [ MUDSKIN ]_AOI # BARE_NOLU (GENUS)@ NeoJapan

body – [ MUDSKIN ]_Ultimated Body Maitreya @ NeoJapan

hair base – Izzie’s – Baby Hairs V2 Hairbase (Genus) mainstore

hair – Moon. Hair // – B&W – Fatal Horizon – mainstore

body/head addition – EVERMORE. [ adorable – skin.condition ] – BoM.only – MP

body/head freckles – [ MUDSKIN ]_BACK TO FRECKLES # BOM @NeoJapan

freckles – [ MUDSKIN ]_Freckles&Moles(face) mainstore

undereye – Izzie’s – Aegyo Sal (Genus Project) (eyebags) mainstore

brows – [SB] Simple Bloom *Genus* LivAutumn Neutral Black&White @skin fair 2020

lips – [ MUDSKIN ]_AOI # LIP 2 (GENUS) @ NeoJapan

lashes – EVERMORE. [ na-nao – lashes ] – GENUS – MP

eyes – Gloom. – Sailor Collection – Black @ NeoJapan

nails – DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Pastel Tip Shimmer -Gloss – @ TBH

earrings – DAZED. Candies Earrings – @ TBH

top – sass [gila] top ML (special ed.) – @TBH

shorts – sass [gila] shorts ML (special ed.) – @ TBH

sweater – sass [gila] sweater ML (special ed.) – @ TBH

shoes – sass [willow] sneakers maitreya (special ed.) – @ TBH

socks – ::C’est la vie !:: Nany Socks (#2) -mainstore

bodybag – [meowhi] Bunny Hop Bag (Add) – @ TBH

knapsac – 28LA. Uni Bag White [Add Me] – @ TBH

extras – Xxxtasi Thatchat Filters – ThatChat Filter PatchKitty & Blushhhh – @ TBH

poses – POSE – Go&See * BunnyHop * 5 (1b5) + Go&See * BunnyHop * 6 (1b6) – @ TBH

furniture – Myth – Spring Mirror red, Myth – Flamingo Patio Set – 2 Seater & chair – @TBH

rug – [QE Home] Throw Rug -Spring Floral- – @ TBH

backdrop – 6 – Easter Moments – Happy Easter – The Bearded Guy – @ TBH







!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CAT came back THIS3

Wow, another post so soon! I did get some lovely skins at the skin fair so I was excited to get to wearing them. I picked up 5 and 3 are from the skinner I am wearing now. I’d never heard of them till the skin fair and I found myself loving everything I was trying on! I also finally upgraded myself to BOM which is great because I was struggling with things like having to decide between brows & freckles or a hairbase with my brows  nevermind luxuries like makeup. I don’t wear the stuff all that much, but if i had wanted to I’d have been fucked! Same with facial tats or anything else I might like to try … and as you all know, BOM give you limitless options with layering. It was so amazing to have the ability to wear 5 mole layers, freckles, brows, tattoos, lashes and have tons more if id wanted. Anyway, as is typical for me I am wearing an older gacha outfit, one I love and had been waiting to blog for ages. You cant see my shoes all that well but they are also a huge fav. in fact I am shocked to still find pairs in the MP resales for under 100L.

The stuff:

body –  maitreya

head – genus classic

skin – Amuse Bouche – Alix (Golden) @ skinfair 2020

lashes – Wednesday Cindy Lou Eyelashes

extras – [ MUDSKIN ]_Freckles&Moles(Boxed)

hair – [monso] My Hair – Tomomi /Mixed

tattoo – *Bolson / Tattoo – Willem

outfit – AMITOMO – I Stay. GACHA – Maitreya – 5

shoes – `M.BIRDIE / Kaven look.Shoes5

pose – +H-D+/Le PC – Kitty Galore {Set 1}

photographed at – Scarlet Isle


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORST OPTIONS 1 EVO Elo

I’ll never be much of a blogger. Unless someone like Lelutka or Genus were to offer me their stuff I will always be looking back in my wardrobe for clothing, hair, skin and all things beautiful and perhaps forgotten to breathe new life into them. Remind people they exist. Of course I do love the new stuff, I’m just not on someone elses clock and unless Im given the items in advance, I’ll never rush something into a photo and pop it out there along with 20 other people doing the same thing. No flack on those that do it, in fact kudos for being able to. I’m just not quick enough. I don’t possess the skill or talent I suppose. But I do love doing this much and so here it is … more of the forgotten. And for those of you who just can’t bring yourselves to use the mesh body alpha much less lower yourselves to wear standard mesh, this post isn’t for you.

The stuff:

maitreya body – genus classic mesh head

skin – <Nar> Aela Skin (Face) // GENUS+BOM // GHOST – @ skin fair 2020

brows – [SB] *Genus* LivSpring Neutral Variety – @ skin fair 2020

lashes – EVERMORE. [ jiao – lashes ] – GENUS – MP

gloss – pepe skins (from Alyssa pixie, not for indiv sale)

eyes – AG. Soulstrike Eyes – Genus Applier – Sky – inworld

tattoo – <Nar> Deadly Dame Tattoos – Nar Mattaru inworld or MP

hair – Moon. Hair. // Phase (fatpack) – Moon Salon inworld

outfit – AMITOMO / Highfive GACHA / 1 / M – gacha inworld

boots – Moon. Soft Leather Boots – Divided Medium – Moon Salon inworld

main pose by – an lar [poses] The Emerald Mini Series (pose 1) 0L MP

photos taken at Little World – take the taxi to visit



!!!daydreaming 02 invivo long shot

I’m flyin! So two in one week is a fucking record for me! Go me! Anyway, I had picked up a few things on a budget at Gabriel and while shopping at Kalopsia I was encouraged by their sim to do this photo set. The sim is “Paris” and this car is pretty fucking cool, all the poses were a part of it and though tweaked they came out pretty good i think.

The stuff:

body – maitreya

head – genus classic

eyes – AG. Soulstrike Eyes – Sky

skin – . MILA . Kseniya Skin [Light] GENUS on sale inworld 99L

nails – .ARISE. Pastel Nails (flora event)

Tattoo – *Bolson / Tattoo – Leonardo inworld

hair – *barberyumyum*S13(03) inworld DPyumyum

top – ::GB:: Open hoodie 2019 (B) (Maitreya) / Black mainstore

bottom – ::GB::Color rollup jeans (Maitreya) Light blue 95L mainstore

shoes – ::GB:: Lace-up boots sandals (Maitreya) Black 99L mainstore

accessory – ::GB:: Phone Strap (Maitreya) Black (cupid event)

accessory – Rabies Cigar (D-corona) stump v1.3

extras – FAKEICON / anana grocery bag / group gift mainstore

extra – Grocery Bag MESH 1 prim 50L MP

I was as the Kalopsia sim (great store, will blog them shortly)

the car info – —ANHELO-F01BE-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere